Plumbers in Kettering

Nicholas and George Builders is one of the leading names in plumbing and drainage services. We provide complete services and facilities of various kinds like plumbing, drainage, heating, building, renovation etc. We possess a highly qualified and trained staff of plumbers to cater to every plumbing job you need. Our services are available at every hour of day and night. Call us at your required time and our efficient plumbers will respond to it.

We provide you with different kinds of plumbing services. From fixing pipe leaks to replacing complete plumbing line, we can do it. Our plumbers are the best in Kettering and this is certain. We take immense pleasure in serving you with competent and quality plumbers.


Best Plumbing Service in Kettering

Issues in plumbing and drainage often appear out of nowhere. It is very common to have a clogged bathroom drain or a leak in the kitchen sink. However, leaving these issues unattended can be a very irresponsible act on your behalf. A minor tap or pipe leak can result in corrosion and plumbing hazards if not met within time. That is why you should always hire a qualified and experienced person for the job. Our company offers its vast range of services for all plumbing and drainage issues. From fixing a clogged drain to pipe leaks, we can do it all. Our proficient team is skilled to perform any plumbing task with expertise and efficiency. Our plumbers are equipped with modern tools and supplies which make plumbing more efficient than ever.

We guarantee that you will not find any other company which matches the same quality services as we do. We take pride in our work and provide you with nothing less than the best. Our expert plumbers are competent to do domestic, commercial as well as industrial Plumbing.

Quick and Efficient Plumbing

Our company promises to respond to your call in the quickest possible time. We have a 24-hour customer care service which caters to every complaint and request of yours. Apart from this, our efficient plumbers are readily available to you 24/7. We understand that plumbing emergencies are impossible to put on hold. There come issue in plumbing that requires immediate action to control. Otherwise, it could make things miserable for you. That is why we respond to your calls at any time of the day and night. You can call us for emergencies in the middle of the night. Our team reaches you within minutes to cater to your plumbing emergencies. Quality assurance is our goal. We make sure that the job is done keeping in mind the quality of the work. Our plumbers follow a very strict guideline to make sure that all protocols are met.


We do not rush things. Our first priority is to satisfy our clients and keep them contended. We do not perform a job until you are convinced. We wait for your go-ahead before starting the work so that you are always involved in the decision making. We understand that your concerns matter and that is why we facilitate you to the best of our ability.

You can even book our services for a time you deem fit. Call us and book a slot of your convenience. We guarantee you on-time services with zero negligence in work. Our inspection team is always there to suggest you the best possible solution for your need. You can get your plumbing line checked by our inspection experts. This can help you detect any damages beforehand and avoid future mishaps.