Builders Kettering: Providing Efficient Construction Services

Nicholas and George Builders is a company that possesses over 25 years of experience in construction. We have been serving our clients since 1994 and we aim to cater to more clientele. Our goal is to provide first-class services to our worthy customers for all their building and construction projects. Our skilled labour and engineers strive to achieve excellence in the field. Call us now to get quality work done for your construction site.

If you are looking for efficient construction workers near Kettering than search no more. We are the answer to all your construction problems. Our company has a trained staff of engineers and architects who are capable to make elegant and beautiful work and living spaces. We do not differentiate between our clients based on the nature of the work. Our goal is to ensure quality and timely delivery of the job, regardless of the nature of the work.

Construction Services in Kettering

Our company provides a vast range of services for construction and building. We provide proficient builders in Kettering and close by areas for all sorts of construction jobs. Call now and avail of our services.

  • Renovation and Refurbishment

When it comes to renovating and remodelling the building, we are expert in it. You can hire us and take advantage of our skilled engineers and workers. We have state of the art construction supplies and tools which ensure beauty and quality.


Loft Conversions

It is an increasing trend to convert rooms and living spaces into large studios. This facilitates in work stations and office bullpens. We have efficient and quality staff that can do this job for you with quality assurance.

  • Space Extensions

We have a number of workers who can make space extensions of room and floors easy for you. Hire us and our company shall take care of everything that you need.

  • Remodeling

Over time, buildings become old and seem sketchy. With modern architecture, an old house or office can be remodelled and transformed into an elegant and beautiful building. We provide builders who are quite capable of remodelling your project.

  • Flooring

The flooring of the rooms and buildings is as important as the rest of the construction. Our company offers its services in providing you with all kinds of flooring options. Whether you want wooden floors, laminated floors or tiled floors, we are the ones to do it.

  • Wardrobes

Having an elegant and well-constructed wardrobe in your room is essential. Hence, we provide you with carpenters and builders to complete the look of your room. However, in doing our job we make sure the quality is maintained.

  • Paint and Decor

We do not construct your spaces and then leave them for you to complete in terms of painting and decorating. When you choose us, you get a complete package of services. We facilitate in providing you painters and decorators for your building as well.

Competent and Qualified Professionals for Building

Nicholas and George Builders is the best company to hire for your construction work. We have a qualified and trained set of professional builders in Kettering. By hiring us, you get quality work done.

  • 24/7 Customer Care

We have a 24-hour customer care service available for our clients. We take customer feedback very seriously. You can contact us at any time to file a complaint or ask any construction question. We cater to you all day and night long.

  • All Under One Roof Services

From putting the first brick of construction to painting and décor, we do it all. You do not have to hire various companies for different construction services. We handle each and everything for you from start to end.

  • Trained Builders and Workers

Our team is highly trained and skilled in their job. We pay focus on the training of our staff and make sure that you get only the best of the best. We assure you that we make no negligence in the hiring and training of the workers.

  • Suggestion from Experienced Professionals

We have a team of experienced professionals who are readily available to inspect the site of construction. They can give you advice and suggestions on what is best suitable for your needs.

Hire us for your construction and building needs in Kettering. We guarantee to provide you with quality builders and professionals. Call now and avail of our services for your project.